Vinyl Gallery

Vinyl adheres permanently or temporarily to anything that is relatively smooth.
It may be used as a "sticker" or used as a stencil to paint or etch an item.

I did the overhead "cupcakes" sign, the postcards on the top left corner of the kiosk, the framed price sign, the bright white on red logo on the front right of the kiosk and the small square sign at the bottom of the pole, with their store hours.  Thanks for letting me share in your fun adventure Bake You Happy

stenciled glass etching:

chalkboard vinyl
 I will have all kinds of ideas 
and samples for you to see.

Vinyl goes on just about any surface:  
glass,  mirrors,  windows, doors, 
wood, metal, canisters, 
pantry organizers, books/ binders,
plates, ceramics,  
just about anything! 

I can also  make t-shirt painting stencils!
think about that for your next family reunion!

Talk to me about 
Classroom Kits or Craft Night Kits