Tools for You

I decided to make  a list of my favorite tools and must have supplies today: and I got some of them for you too.  Just email me at  judy {at} sprizzie .com and tell me how many of them you would like.

1st and always my #1 favorite, hard to come by- "#6 bent nose" tweezers!   
I know, crazy right, but I don't know if I could craft without these, and these very specific ones.  Once you are used to placing stickers and tiny pieces with them, with your fingers out of the way, you can't work without them.  My original pair were made by Mrs Grossman's sticker com. but she no longer makes them, this is the very closest I have found to match.

I got you some too,  I got a deal on the and I am passing it on to you!  Let me know if you'd like one.  $3  
2nd - adhesives!  
 I will call all the adhesives 2nd, then put them in the order I reach for them.

Foam Mounting Tape, 3M brand
 I use this on about it on every project. I like the dimension and shadows it provides.  I always add at least one layer of it, sometimes two, sometimes I double up the tape and make something stand out twice as far.  A {must} have!

Double Sided super sticky banner tape
I got some of this for you too. 36 yards, 1/4" for $8
I discovered this at a banner making store and had it specially cut because I wanted to "cut" the cost of using the way too expensive Red Liner Tape. It is so sticky that once you have something taped down, it isn't going to come off again.  It is also used by car detailers and body shops to adhere embellishments on to you car.  It is good stuff and cheap enough that I use it almost all the time for everything.  It is a {must} have if you are doing 3D projects like boxes!  Talk to me if you want some...oh, a funny story, I think it is the same think sold for toupee tape and fashion tape!

Glue Dots
Sometimes I need super sticky, to be round or thicker/cushiony to adhere buttons or metallic or heavier embellishments, fabrics or ribbons work well with this too.  I keep several sizes of these dots on hand, from 1/2 " to teeny tiny ones for beads and the like.

 Tombo Aqua Liquid Glue
A new favorite of mine. You can use it sparingly from the teeny tiny pointed end for the smallest of drops and lines, to the fat squeegee end that applies a thin film in a wider streak.  It is strong and dries fairy quickly.  It is not cheap but I got a few bottles on a great sale so now I  grab it all the time.  Watch for it to go on sale or use a coupon to get yourself some.

3rd - Sure Cuts A Lot.  
A computer program to design cuts an electronic cutter.  Sadly Version 2 that works with the Cricut will no longer be available within a few days.  Thankfully I have Version 2 and can design on SCAL and cut with my Cricut.  I will be in the market for a new cutter someday when I feel I need to upgrade to Version 3, but for now it works for me. I highly recommend it to anyone who has a Cricut and can get their hands on one right away!!  

4th-  Creative Memory Scissors
You''d think scissors are scissors right?  Well like a chef with his knives, so is a crafter with their scissors.  These are my favorites, I like the size,and weight,  they are sharp and I simply like the feel of them in my hand.  I have gone out of my way to get a few pairs of these.  I always worry that when I find something I like it will not be available again when I go to replace it.  So like my tweezers, I have multiple pairs of these!

5th - My Cricut
I have a love hate relationship with this machine right now.  Actually I love the machine.I hate that Provo Craft is forcing,through a law suit, that all the 3rd party software able to cut with the Cricut be forced to disable their programs from being compatible in the future.  It doesn't seem right that the free market can not make a compatible program.  Will we be forced to only use manufacture brand parts on our cars in the future?  Or only coordinate the same brand clothes together in our outfits??  What nonsense!  I do love the simplicity of using this machine.

I have decided this was round one of my favorites and I think I have a round two, second level of favorites too.  
Let me keep it simple:

Stampin Up brand cardstock

A Crop O Dile  - for setting eyelets,  and punching holes for brads and stuff, a "super" punch that goes through practically anything!

Water Color pencils - they are so fun to play with a add such a soft way to coloring something

rhinestones - the self stick ones that can just add a little bling and sparkle in the right spot

glitter glue- when all else fails, smear a gob of translucent glitter glue across just about anything!

And then packaging, packaging, packaging! - and that is a whole other post.  I got some ideas for you and got some stuff of this for you too!

What are your favorite tools? brands? supplies?  I always want to hear other's favorites!!! - that is how I found almost all these!