Twine Ideas

My twine comes in four colors:

cherry red
apple green
happy blue
cocoa brown

It comes on a  wooden spool

 25 yards/ $5 

A 4 color pack is only $20!

Leave me a comment to place an order.

Here are some fun ideas on using twine, click on the photo 
to see details and who came up with such a cute idea!:

When we were little we used to say "small things amused small minds!"  well I guess I am small minded!  I am excited about twine!  I am getting this twine.  Some in red, lime green, sky blue, and brown.  Sadly, not pink. Yet!  I got a great deal on it!  Let me know if you are interested in some!

Scissor Variations loves twine and I love how they used it to attatch this label on:

Click on the photo to see references.